Tool Servicing


Protect Your Investment

Tool Servicing Overview

Continuing with our commitment to your success, Stiles offers flexibility and convenience with a wide range of tool room accessories and services at affordable prices.

  • Custom knife grinding and templates
  • Diamond (PCD) servicing
  • Saw blade tipping and sharpening
  • Moulder spindle rebuilds
  • Outboard bearing rebuilds
  • High-pressure grease gun repair

Template & knife grinding services

Precision knives begin with a precision template.  Let Stiles take the guesswork out of producing a high-quality product.

  • Send a sample or drawing of your product and we'll provide a CAD drawing to produce the template and knives.  Once you approve the drawing and layout, we’ll make the precision template and knives to your exact specifications, using only high-quality materials.
  • Knife steel grades are offered in M2, M3, T1, X-Life, Ultra+ inlay carbide and Euro-back precision carbide.

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