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Monitoring, Recording and Analyzing Machine Data Like Never Before With MMR Office

Just like many manufacturers, AIS battled with the accuracy, subjectiveness and clarity of their equipment data, analysis’ and overall utilization.

High-end office systems and seating at an attractive and low price point – that is what all value minded customers seek – and that is what Affordable Interior Systems (AIS) specializes in and delivers on.

AIS’ innovative focus, flexible systems and flat management structure allow them to turn orders in less time for less cost than even their larger competitors.

Just like many manufacturers, AIS battled with the accuracy, subjectiveness and clarity of their equipment data, analysis’ and overall utilization.

If machine efficiency is out of sight, it is often out of mind.

AIS wanted the transparency of a machine monitoring and reporting software to gain insight into and maximize their production. They knew that the value of understanding their production process would only lead to production improvements and increased optimization.

The search for the right machine monitoring and reporting software that would lead AIS to their goals, stopped when they discovered Stiles’ MMR Office Digital Software Solution.

“When researching, we knew and found that third party software solutions were far too expensive and had to be custom tailored to us. Long term that wasn’t a good use of our time or funds.”

When it comes to machinery monitoring, a software should provide comprehensive, transparent and clear data. MMR was AIS’ answer for data recording and evaluation, and answered their ongoing question of, “is our machinery running efficiently?”

MMR Office provides different report types for the decision-oriented visualization of KPI’s and conditions. It enables companies to evaluate and transparently analyze data. By saving all data centrally in the MMR database, additional KPI’s such as utilization ratio, OEE (overall equipment efficiency), etc. can be generated.

Though AIS uses mostly HOMAG machinery, they have a wide range of machinery types and vintages with different levels of data acquisition.

With the data MMR Office was able to provide AIS, they have the potential to increase production efficiency by 50%.

“…it’s showing the potential to produce enough

to condense what was 1- 1/2 shifts into a single shift of production.”

“The most obvious advantage MMR Office has provided us has been clear and accurate data. It’s no longer a matter of guessing and institutional knowledge. This is key in making impactful decisions about our business. ”  -Jason Truscott, Manufacturing Engineering Manager


When it comes to the impact MMR Office has had on AIS’ culture and team, they stated that it has created more awareness, has provided the team with visuals of what their production should look like, provides the team a quick sense of what is happening at any time, makes it easier for everyone to look at a timeline of events, and has provided excellent technical fault details.

“MMR is providing real information and data. There is no ambiguity or guessing about what the equipment is doing. It provides production data as well as machine error data that guides decisions on what projects to focus on, where to provide the right amount of personnel and how to spend funding.”

When asked what advice AIS would give to anyone interested in MMR Office, their answer was simple:

“Get a demo with someone from Stiles! Go through each tab with them and ask questions. MMR is a self evaluation tool as much as it is a machinery evaluation tool.”