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LIGNA 2011: Updates from Makor

The Makor booth at the Ligna show in Hanover Germany features several typical technology solutions which Makor feel have the greatest interest in the worldwide marketplace this year. The technologies shown are good examples of solutions to a variety of current manufacturing needs for our customers.

The show exhibit features the following technologies:

Water Borne UV Spray Finishing for Panels

The line shown in the booth is a reciprocating technology for the application of waterborne UV coatings. The Kronos machine allows recovery and reuse of the oversprayed material to enhance the transfer efficiency. Waterborne UV technology in the US is becoming a more desired technology as green initiatives become more important. Waterborne UV materials today provide an excellent finish that rival the conventional finishes of the past and can be cured with relatively short production lines.

100% Solid UV Finishing Of Mouldings

The system shown at the show is capable of small part length processing down to as short a part as 200 mm wide. The system uses the Makor belt recovery concept for capturing overspray to improve the transfer efficiency. Overspray is recovered similar to the way it is recovered on the normal spray machines for panels allowing five sided coating while protecting the back side from overspray. The oven system is the newest iteration of the Makor Kurex oven which features individual cooling and control of the UV lamps with easy adjustment of lamp position. The line is running a clear coating and the same coating is used for both sealer and topcoat with the brush sanding machine providing the sealer sanding in between coats. The finish achieved on the parts is amazing with a very soft feel and smooth surface finish. The line is short and very efficient, eliminating the need for large transverse oven systems.

Edge Filling and Sanding

Makor updates -Edge-filling machineEdge Filling MachineMakor has perfected the process of filling the vertical edges of particleboard and MDF. The machine at the show is a double sided execution that has dual application of a UV filler material applied by a vacuum head which is sanded smooth after curing. The purpose of the technology is to use less expensive particleboard when foiling edges and also to seal edges prior to painting operations. The results are impressive. One unique point about the coating is that the coating used is “Monomer Free”.

Edge Sanding

Makor updates -Edge sanderEdge Sander with Chevron Belt
Makor has a very unique Tecnolegno edgesanding machine at the show which has a standard edge sanding head, several profile belt sanding heads and a couple of unique sanding head features. One of the unique features is the corner sanding belt unit which traces the corner profile and accurately sands the leading and training corners. There in one unit configured for leading edge and one for the trailing edge. Another unique feature on this machine is the oscillating edge sander that encompasses a chevron belt and a vertical screw oscillation unit. The chevron unit allows the sander to be used for sealer sanding. All units have speed controls.

Robotic Spray Machine

Makor updates -makor 10aMakor 10-Axis Robotic Spray Machine
Makor is now capable of providing a very flexible robotic spray machine for specialty spraying of difficult components. This machine is unique in that Makor has chosen to use an actual Mitsubishi robot mounted overhead on an additional rail. The machine is spraying on a paper belt and is fully configured. The big advantage here is the reliability offered by the unit. Up to 10 individual axes are available.

In summary the show so far has been very well attended and the Makor booth has been very busy with customers from around the world.