Leasing Advantage

The benefits of leasing with Stiles

Today more than half of new equipment is purchased through capital leases, which require minimal down payments and are eligible for the same tax benefits and depreciation as if you paid cash or financed through a bank loan.

Advantages of leasing through Stiles Leasing

  • Structure
    The lease can be tailored to your individual cash requirements.
  • Capital Conservation
    Leasing enables you to conserve capital for other business expansion and providing the equipment you need.
  • Additional Lines of Credit
    Credit lines with banks may be reduced when funds are borrowed for the purchase of equipment. Leasing keeps those lines intact, and establishes an additional credit line with a national lease company.
  • Fixed Monthly Payments
    Monthly payments on a lease are fixed for the entire term of the lease. This helps you manage your cash flow and enables you to plan ahead, no matter what happens to market rates.
  • Minimal Down Payment
    Leases generally require a small advance monthly payment, unlike a bank loan, which can require a 10% to 20% down payment.
  • 100% Financing at a Fixed Rate
    Lease approval can include financing the total package, including freight, installation, software, training, and tooling.
  • Work Within Your Budget
    Allows you to work within your operating budget restrictions.
  • Rates
    Our rates are among the lowest in the industry, because we are dealing directly with national funding sources instead of using a regional lease broker.

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