Perfect Every Cut with an IRONWOOD SL Series Sliding Table Saw

Have you been struggling to keep up with your needed production volumes, or have found that your panel saw isn’t cutting as accurately as you’d like, causing projects to take longer to complete and wasting materials? The SL series of sliding table saws from IRONWOOD Woodworking Machinery may be the solution for you.


IRONWOOD Woodworking Machinery is the brand for the modern craftsman looking to increase their cutting accuracy, material yield, and shop safety­­—while also cutting down on processing time and labor costs. Designed by German and American engineers to meet and exceed the rising demands of North American woodworkers, IRONWOOD strives to provide simple and innovative machinery solutions that will improve any shop’s bottom line.

Why the SL Series of Sliding Table Saws?

Whether it is furniture, cabinetry, or other built projects, a mistake in the material’s cut can prolong the production and require more time to remake the cut on a new material piece or repair the error. The SL series of sliding table saws by IRONWOOD delivers the quality and precision required for a chip-free cut, improving the results of subsequent machining, such as edge banding, drilling, and other processes after the pieces are sized and shaped. The cutting accuracy of the SL series reduces assembly time as parts fit together more easily, and material waste and unexpected costs are also minimized as a result.

Ideal for panel and solid wood processing, the series can make perfect miters, as well as rip, jointing, and crosscuts. The machines also feature aircraft-grade aluminum sliding tables manufactured in Europe with vertical guidance for accurate, square cuts over the full cutting length. The sliding table’s smooth and precise movement requires less physical work from the operator, reducing overall user fatigue. The chrome-hardened guide rails ensure the sliding carriage passes straight without lateral movement. Watch the below video overview from Stefan Schwartz, Product Specialist for IRONWOOD, of the SL 300 Sliding Table Saw.


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