Marine & Auto


Complex parts made simple

In today’s high-speed world, transportation relies on the performance and precision of complex parts. Stiles’ understands the needs of manufacturers in the automotive, recreational, mass transit and marine industries. We can help you maximize your efficiency and processes for high-production with low waste.

Milling & Machining

Milling & Machining

Stiles offers single- and dual-zone CNC equipment that will exceed your demands for flat panel and 3D milling and machining. Achieve high-level accuracy with automated feedback loops and error compensation. Our industry-leading solutions have three-, four- or five-axis head configurations capable of milling mechanical and visual plastics, fiberglass, nonferrous metals, composites and other advanced materials. We offer multiple milling and sawing, drilling or water jet processes, and material holding options including mechanical clamping, roller or vacuum holding. Stiles machines provide the flexibility and durability you need to increase your capabilities in high production manufacturing.

Cutting & Sawing
Material Handling
Edge Polishing
Laminating & Pressing
Planing, Shaping & Moulding
Dust Extraction & Collection