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HOMAG Group leads the way with new CNC technologies at LIGNA 2011. Customers joining us at the exhibition are experiencing the latest offerings in nesting automation, machining center flexibility and 5-axis technology.

Weeke - Dave McFarland and Werner BrinkhausDave McFarland (Stiles) and Werner Brinkhaus (Weeke) reporting from LignaThe WEEKE stand encompasses a complete range of drilling/machining solutions, from the small shop to the most highly automated production factory requirement. WEEKE continues to innovate and set the standard for customer focused technologies.

WEEKE is breaking new ground with their nested-based manufacturing (NBM) automation solutions, offering multiple entry points to the NBM market.

Weeke Vantage 200 – Linear Flow Nesting Automation SystemWeeke Vantage 200 – Linear Flow Nesting Automation SystemIn combination with a flexible Ligmatech storage-and-retrieval system, the WEEKE Vantage-200 Linear-Flow Nesting Automation systemallows for fully automated panel presentation, automatic in-feed/out-feed and manual sorting of ready-to-assemble box components.

Our new Weeke Vantage-100 Linear-Flow Nesting Automation system features an ultra-compact footprint, fully automatic part labeling and a unique over/under in-feed/out-feed system designed to minimize shop-floor space requirements!

[IMAGE ‘1316’ /]WEEKE introduces the new ABD 050 compact drill-and-dowelcenter. This fully optimized machine features two-field processing, adjustable glue flow, bar-code scan option and a user-friendly interface utilizing a woodWOP 5.0 operating system.

WEEKE sets the standard for through-feed drilling performance with their latest introduction, the new BST-800! This top-performer featuresfull-CNC top and bottom drilling, individually selectable drill patterns, horizontal drilling on 4-sides and high performance Siemens drives.

woodWOP 6.0 screen shotwoodWOP 6.0 screen shot
WEEKE/HOMAG offers the latest CNC interface for both with the new woodWOP 6.0 software. woodWOP 6.0 features 3D visualization for both CAD and CAM functions, user defined graphics, icon driven functions, cutting and fixturing simulations and unique macro capabilities. This next-generation interface is available on a wide variety of CNC machines in the HOMAG Group range.

BMG Series RoutersBMG Series RoutersHOMAG CNC Routers in the BOF and BMG-range execute the perfect balance between robust rigidity and nimble flexibility. The closed-gantry BMG-series features Sorbtech vibration reduction technologies that are completely unique in the woodworking manufacturing industry.

The HOMAG BMG-611/60/19/FK 5-axis machine features a full 500mm (20”) Z-axis, 30-tool ATC, CNC pod positioning A/P table and 4250mm working length. This high-performance machining center is an outstanding solution for the custom millwork, entry door or stair manufacturer.

Homag BMG 511 with robotic load/unloadHomag BMG 511 with robotic load/unloadHOMAG BMG 511 with fully integrated LIGMATECH-KUKA robotic load/unload for architectural doors and large panel production.HOMAG CNC is exhibiting a broad range of full automation (F.A.) solutions for the production factory, as well as the custom shop.

Homag BMB 923Homag BMB 923Changing the way that stile-and-rail window/door components are produced, the new HOMAG BMB 923 incorporates in-feed/out-feed automation, flexible-clamping technology for wooden staves, simultaneous machining capability, 4-face profiling, automatic tool change up to156-tools and 5-axis option.