STORETEQ F-100 Single-Axis Panel Storage & Retrieval System

Large or Small, Boost Your Shop’s Productivity with the STORETEQ F-100

If you’re looking to boost productivity in your woodworking shop but don’t know where to start, consider the STORETEQ F-100 from HOMAG. It’s an automated single-axis panel feeder that is an ideal first steppingstone into material handling automation for manufacturers seeking growth. For shops looking to increase the productivity of stand-alone Panel Saws or CNCs, the HOMAG F-100 is a solid option.

A Simplified, Compact Model of the HOMAG STORETEQ P-300 Storage & Retrieval

Modeled after the larger HOMAG STORETEQ P-300, the F-100 is a compact panel storage and retrieval system that offers big features not seen before at this level. With many of the same benefits as the larger STORETEQ solutions, the F-100 fits within a smaller footprint and offers a more affordable price point for your panel feeding needs. While the P-300 has both an X and Y axis, the simplified single-axis movement of the F-100 takes up minimal space on your shop floor, all the while efficiently keeping your machine supplied with the materials it needs for maximum output.

STORETEQ Automation to Grow with Your Woodworking Business

Scalable with your business, the HOMAG STORETEQ F-100 allows for up to eight total positions in its automated system, including up to four storage locations and up to three processing machines. The arrangement of machines, storage spots, and infeed places along the single axis is entirely customizable according to your manufacturing needs. If you’re not ready to use all eight positions, you can start with one machine and two infeed locations and grow the solution as your business expands.

The Sorting & Retrieving Power of HOMAG’s woodStore 8 Software

Thanks to the automated sorting and retrieving functions of the F-100, machine operators no longer need to manually load materials onto each machine while working. With this STORETEQ solution, materials are sorted and stored, and panels are retrieved in the exact order required for specific jobs. The programming is all done within the woodStore 8 software.

Like the larger P-300 panel storage system, the STORETEQ F-100 is also powered by the intelligent woodStore 8 software from HOMAG. When paired with HOMAG’S Cut Rite optimizer, the software efficiently manages all aspects of storage, from linking the purchasing system to order processing, to managing offcuts and optimizing material movements. Harnessing the power of woodStore 8’s off-cut management module, the F-100 provides complete cataloging and managing of useable off-cut panels, saving you money by capturing leftover panels normally thrown out or lost in a pile of waste.

If you are only looking to integrate a single HOMAG machine with your F-100, you can control the entire storage and retrieval automation directly from that machine’s PowerTouch controller, eliminating the need for a separate controller and the time wasted walking back and forth between systems.

Automate Your Material Sorting, Storage, & Retrieval with STORETEQ F-100

Take the intimidation out of automation by getting started with the STORETEQ F-100. Fill out our contact form below to connect with one of our experts and learn more about how the F-100 solution can increase productivity for your business.