EDGETEQ S-240 SERVO | Increased Automation for Your Edge Banding

Every business is different. At Stiles, we know that our customers take great care to produce the highest quality products, in a way that works best for them. That’s why we offer flexible machine options to meet your manufacturing needs, and the needs of your team members on the shop floor. Our latest edge product release, the HOMAG EDGETEQ S-240 SERVO, was designed to simplify your edge banding.

Our HOMAG EDGETEQ S-240 series has always offered premium quality and pristine edges for businesses of all sizes. Now, with the S-240 SERVO configuration, operators can experience higher levels of automation during the edge banding process.

Make Edgebander Adjustments from your Computer with SERVO Features

The servo configuration of the S-240 edgebander automates adjustments to the machine’s pressure beam, corner-rounding, and profile scraping. With servo functionality, operators can change edgebander settings on a computer instead of manually adjusting them on the machine.

Compare the main features of the EDGETEQ S-240 SERVO with the S-240 FC AUTO using the chart below.


QA65 Gluing Unit of the HOMAG EDGETEQ S-240 Series

The QA65 gluing unit is a standard feature on the HOMAG edgebanders, starting with the S-240 SERIES. Considered to be the most advanced gluing unit in the edgebanding market, the QA65 offers many distinct benefits.

HOMAG Edge Banding S-240 Servo QA65 N Gluing Unit
S-240 Servo QA-65 Gluing Unit

These advantages include:

  • A quick heat-up time.
  • Teflon coating that allows the use of a variety of hot melts, including PUR.
  • The ability to be purged from the control.
  • A quick-release feature.
  • Electro-pneumatic clamping that keeps the edges clean.
  • A glue roller that is both heated and coated for a consistent adhesive amount and control of viscosity.

Over time, excess glue builds up in the glue pot of your edgebander. When your glue pot clogs, your edgebander isn’t running at optimum performance anymore, impacting the quality of your product. Stiles Machinery has developed a thorough cleaning process to rebuild and restore gluepots to their original quality and functionality. Learn more about Stiles’ gluepot rebuild program.

The 24″ powerTouch Display of the S-240 SERVO

The powerTouch system embodies HOMAG‘s operating philosophy of being standardized, simple, ergonomic, and evolutionary. It is an innovative touchscreen system that combines design and function in a new generation of control systems.

The powerTouch system features a sizable touch screen that allows you to manage machine operations directly by touch. Its programming interface has been optimized for powerTouch operation, offering quite a few assistance functions that make work processes more manageable. 

All HOMAG edgebanding machines from the 1240 FC model and onward use the powerTouch system. This is possible because they have standardized control elements and software modules. The only variations are some machine-specific details; the similarities in operation simplify processes and improve efficiency by reducing training and service time.

HOMAG EDGETEQ S-240 SERVO edgebander with powerTouch display.

Why Choose the S-240 SERVO Edgebander from HOMAG?

The S-240 Servo takes the popular S-240 FC Auto edgebander from HOMAG to the next level. With the S-240’s servo processing capabilities, QA65 gluing unit, and powerTouch display, creating high-quality edges is simple.

Other benefits of the EDGETEQ S-240 SERVO include:

  • Automatic track chain lubrication.
  • An automatic infeed stop pin to set the proper panel gap while keeping the operator from making a misfeed.
  • An infrared panel pre-heater.

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