The HOMAG DRILLTEQ V-310 | Gain Maximum CNC Capabilities with Minimum Space Requirements

The Recent Release of the “Raumwunder” | HOMAG DRILLTEQ V-310

A recent release to the North American market, The DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical machining center from HOMAG offers as much functionality as possible in a small footprint. Despite being just 118 square feet, the V-310 has greater drilling, routing, and grooving capability than any other machine in its design class. The V-310 can also prepare hinges and lock doors using flexible aggregates, process a range of connectors used in cabinet and furniture construction, and insert dowels if required. HOMAG references the V-310 as their CNC “Raumwunder,” a German term loosely meaning “space saver.”

An Ergonomic Design for Your Comfort

While using the V-310, you and your team can be productive and comfortable with ergonomic processing features such as the swiveling control unit and the height-adjustable monitor.

Experience less operator fatigue, as the compact construction of the machine requires fewer manual steps due to the smaller radius of movement. The vacuum-free clamping system promotes quick machine set-up times and energy-efficient processing.

Get Help from the Intelligent Operator Assistance, intelliGuide LED

Optimize your workpiece handling and tool change capabilities with intelliGuide LED operator assistance, the first assistance system in panel dividing that allows saws to respond to the actions of the machine operator in an intelligent manner. Look forward to the best safety, ergonomics, and productivity, all in one flexible machining platform of the DRILLTEQ V-310.