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Growing with Tapio and Digital Factory | Open Standard

Intentional Design with a Simple and Straight Forward Digital Process


Established in 2020 in Oakland, California, Open Standard is a small but mighty company that is rapidly growing and making a name for themselves.

Open Standard designs and manufacturers storage systems and furniture for both the residential and commercial market. They provide custom manufacturing of cabinetry for architecture and design firms.

Prior to their partnership with Stiles, Open Standard used a very manual workflow. From fabrication drawings to cutlists and nesting creations– their manual process included multiple software’s and steps.

Todd Brodsky, CEO of Open Standard started looking to create an integrated workflow for producing cutlist and nesting sheets. He knew using an “in-line” bundle would mitigate mistakes by not relying on a manual workflow to enter dimensions and data. Todd was looking for a “single source of truth” that would create reliability that was not established in his current workflow process.

Until he implemented Tapio and Digital Factory.

Open Standard Quote

“Our experience with implementing Tapio and Digital Factory (cabinetCreator, Intellidivide, materialManager  and production assist Cutting) has been extremely positive. We found this bundle to be optimal based on our need for a design software, nesting software and material management assistance.

The ability to create standard cabinet types has helped us take projects from design to production much faster than before. We are also able to create cut lists and nesting sheets much faster and more efficiently. The most obvious advantage is the ability to manage the actual “cut” process at the saw. We can cut projects much quicker and with much less waste. We have much more control over how we cut the project, in terms of waste vs speed. We as a team can look at the best fit for each project,” says Brodsky.

Open Standard Quote

Since their Tapio and Digital Factory implementation, Open Standard has experienced a 22% increase in gross output and has eliminated all sizing defects.

“The Stiles team in North America and Germany have been amazing. Honestly – the ability to communicate and improve the tools has been an experience that I will always remember. It felt like we were one team trying to create the best product. It’s been a very meaningful experience and I am very grateful to the entire Stiles team.

We’re looking forward to growing with Stiles and HOMAG,” Todd Brodsky says.

Open Standard