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Inspections are free of charge, excluding all freight charges. If an item is not approved for repair, the unit can be returned disassembled, or can be scrapped by Stiles. Once the unit is disassembled for inspection it cannot and will not be reassembled unless a repair order is placed. If repair authorization is not approved within 30 days of quotation, and the sender has not notified Stiles to Ship the item back, the item may be scrapped.

Warranty for workmanship and material only. The warranty period will not begin until installation. Warranty work is to be completed by Stiles only at Stiles’ facility. Any work by others on the unit without the written authorization of Stiles voids the repair warranty. Freight charges, in-and-out charges, time lost, and production losses are not included in warranty. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

Payment accepted via credit card, certified check, or net terms if you have previously existing Stiles customer account.