Glue Pot Rebuild Solutions


Over time, excess glue builds up in the glue pot of your edgebander. When your glue pot clogs, your edgebander isn’t running at optimum performance impacting the quality of your product.

Stiles Machinery has developed a revolutionary cleaning process to rebuild and restore gluepots to their original quality and functionality.

When the glue pot comes into Stiles e-tech's rebuild department:

Our process begins by completely disassembling the gluepot and thoroughly cleaning its parts through a commercial bake-off process designed to eliminate all contaminants and excess glue that has built up within the gluepot over time.

All wear items, including heating elements, are replaced with new OEM parts. Once cleaned, the main components of the gluepot including the housing, gates, shoe and roller are analyzed for damage and replaced with new OEM parts if necessary.

To further enhance the overall functionality and ease-of-maintenance of the gluepot, Stiles Machinery applies and bakes on two coats of Teflon coating to the gluepot housings resulting in a final product that looks and performs like new!

Rebuild/Repair Service

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We can repair and rebuild all brands, including:

  • Brandt
  • Homag
  • IMA
  • Midwest
  • Muller-Martini
  • Olimpic
  • Teflon® coating
  • Torwegge
  • and more