Off-Site Construction Solutions

Demand for affordable, high-quality single and multi-family housing, hotels, and office buildings is increasing across North America. The availability of skilled labor in the building trades is decreasing rapidly. These conflicting movements have created a need to modernize the construction process. At Stiles, we adapt to these needs by offering automation solutions using robotics, specific automation equipment, and advanced construction technologies.

Construction Automation Benefits

Automation can benefit your company by saving you time, increasing profitability, and reducing the need to hire skilled workers by letting the process and machines do the work.

At Stiles Machinery, we partner with integrated automation solutions: software technologies, process engineering and training, and automation equipment. We can help you plan and implement a full building automation system to help you increase efficiency, throughput, and capacity. From a full factory layout, process flow, and time management to helping with individual machines, Stiles will create a customized system for you.

Building Automation Industries

The benefits of automation solutions improve upon traditional construction methods by increasing precision and helping you control quality and costs, with less waste and better yield. We’ll help you future-proof your manufacturing systems and investment

  • Off-Site Construction
    • Panelized Construction
    • Manufactured Home Construction
    • Industrialized Construction
  • Truss & Component Manufacturers

Construction Technology and Processes

Solutions offered through us at Stiles extend beyond just the Off-Site Construction factories, but also touch all forms of wood processing. At Stiles, we can help you identify the equipment and processes that allow you to do more with less. We offer stand-alone machines that can speed your production and reduce your labor costs, or we can help you develop a completely integrated and automated line of machinery, tooling, and processes.

How You Can Increase Efficiency with Automation

New Factory Start-Up

If you’re building a new plant but don’t know where to start, Stiles can provide guidance and support. We can do everything from engineering your concept, building custom plant layouts, line balancing, software guidance, success metrics, and more. Stiles is passionate about partnering with you to provide a clear view of this integration process and a strong plan for your products.

Existing Process Improvements

Improve your existing operation by having Stiles help pinpoint problem areas and devise solutions to increase productivity and efficiency. Adding the correct machine or material handler from Stiles to an operation can make a tremendous impact.

The Automation Process

There are many options for creating or improving your process with automation — adding the right automation can increase production output, safety, and quality, whereas the wrong automation can be expensive and devastating to your plant’s process flow. Whether it is meeting online or on location, we can help guide you with several key strategies that can take your current or new process to the next level:

Understand your Product

If you’re a new plant, this is a great place to start. If you need guidance in this stage of your project, we will start by gaining a thorough understanding of your product and location(s). Knowing your product intimately is key to adding automation correctly. This process is different for every factory – and Stiles can help you build exactly what you need.

Lay Out Your Processes

Products and processes go hand in hand. We’ll talk through the best process for your plant and products and then create a detailed code-compliant plan. This phase involves a few different steps:

  • Manufacturing Concept
    Most prefab manufacturing facilities fall into manual, semi-automated, or fully automated concepts. Knowing which of these you want, and which will work best for you is integral to our planning.
  • Growth strategy & plan
    Not only should we look at what you need now and in the immediate future, but also the possibilities for your long-term future. Do you want to stay the size you are? Do you want to start with semi-automated processes and then go fully automated in 10 years? Do you need space to grow? Knowing the answers to these questions will help us create a “now” plan and a future plan.

Automation and Equipment Training

We’ll make sure everything gets installed and set up correctly and that your team knows how to work with the new automation equipment and processes. Stiles offers courses and custom training for you and your team to help you implement these new processes. We’re here to help!

Automation is the future of construction in the Prefab manufacturing industry, but there is a lot of coordination and collaboration involved. Stiles is passionate about bringing our knowledge and expertise to companies looking to incorporate automation and making sure you’re set up to succeed.

Schuler Consulting

Do you want to produce more efficiently? Processes and flows are key. We optimize these together with you, re-organize them and make sure that you reduce your lead time and save costs. This enables you to implement customized manufacturing and achieve your business goals.

Mass Timber

Stiles Machinery is at the forefront of providing technology and machining for producing high quality mass timber. Automated solutions for your mass timber production can increase your manufacturing quality and productivity.

Project Management

Project management services from Stiles make it easy to streamline your entire project - from concept and consultation to integration and implementation.


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