Enhancement Technologies

Stiles Enhancement Technologies exists to help you maximize your investment through comprehensive manufacturing products and services.

Upgrade your equipment's software, hardware, tooling and more.

Modifying your existing equipment can often be the best choice for expanding your production capabilities.

Machines & equipment offer specialized solutions for unique needs.

We offer a complete range of production, facility and quality control products to maximize your investment and achieve high performance results,

Critical components like glue pots, industrial electronics, spindle motors, vacuum pumps, and aggregates don't last forever. That's why you need a solutions provider you can trust to keep your operations running at their optimal level. By choosing Stiles Rebuild Team you are maximizing your investment resulting in long lasting performance that will impact the success of your company for years to come.

Shop our various products online, ranging from measuring products, spray guns, dovetailing machines, storage racks and more.

Ordering online is easy and speeds up your order process.