Engineered Solutions

Our team understands how each machine affects every other piece of equipment on your production floor and can provide an approach that works best to meet your specific needs.

Our expertise in management and consultation of large projects spans multiple industries, including home and office furniture manufacturing, flooring manufacturing, offsite construction, mass timber production, and more. Let us help you develop a custom machinery solution that fits your needs.

Our Services

Systems Development

Engineered solutions from Stiles means much more than simply having the right equipment. It means knowing how that equipment works together. It means software and integration to keep things running smoothly. It means custom-tailored solutions, expertise and project management from the people who know your work almost as well as you do, and have what’s best for your business in mind.

With Stiles Engineered solutions, we can help you optimize your production quality, efficiency and costs through a holistic solution that goes well beyond the machine. From concept and consultation to integration and implementation, Stiles is here for you.


Engineering Services

Engage Stiles’ engineering team for complete analysis of how your business gets things done. Our team can look at your current processes and identify places for improvement. We can also help you move seamlessly from an empty building to getting your products out the door; from a blank sheet of paper to total system integration.

Our engineering team can provide critical insight on such topics as site location, facility layout, automation control, product flow, process standardization, manufacturing constraints, labor capacity, logistics, shipping, and the general health and sustainability of your company.

Project management

Project management services from Stiles make it easy to streamline your entire project— from concept and consultation to integration and implementation. With one point of contact, you can eliminate the clutter and miscommunication that too often bogs down projects.

A proactive project manager from Stiles is available to streamline communication, provide answers, and reduce the hassles to fix any problems that come up. The result? Your project keeps moving forward because everyone is focused on the real tasks that need to get done.


Product Offerings

Whether you're looking to automate an upcoming factory build or optimize machinery in an existing plant, Stiles' Engineered Solutions product team can help you choose the right machine centers for the furniture and flooring industries, to industries such as off-site construction and mass timber production.

Mechanical and electrical controls for standard and custom solutions can help you minimize material handling, reduce your labor force, gain efficiency, increase output, and reduce operating costs. Talk to the Stiles team for a total automation program that’s right for you.

Schuler Consulting

Do you want to produce more efficiently? Processes and flows are key. We optimize these together with you, re-organize them and make sure that you reduce your lead time and save costs.

Off-Site Construction

Industrialized construction is evolving. Automation, robotics and advanced technology are raising the level of productivity, efficiency and precision for builders in North America.

Mass Timber

Stiles Machinery is at the forefront of providing technology and machining for producing high quality mass timber. Automated solutions for your mass timber production can increase your manufacturing quality and productivity.

Project Management

Project management services from Stiles make it easy to streamline your entire project - from concept and consultation to integration and implementation.


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