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Digital Solutions for Manufacturers

Stiles Machinery offers industry-leading digital and software solutions that support every facet of the woodworking industry from raw materials to the final product, and everything in between. Stiles’ wide range of software solutions are designed to assist manufacturers in creating more productive and efficient manufacturing practices from start to finish.

Design Software Solutions

design solutions


An intelligent software for the furniture and interior design industries that supports the entire production process. With woodCAD|CAM, manufacturers can easily create layouts of individual components and complex room solutions, while automatically uploading design data to their HOMAG CNC machine for processing.

      Values and Features

  • Room planning and photorealism
  • Parametric and free designing
  • Simple-to-operate solution for construction tasks
  • Fast and secure design thanks to an extensive library with intelligent and parametric connections

Configurator 3D

With Configurator 3D, order data is easily transferred from the point-of-sale directly to the production floor. This simplified order entry and management process creates a seamless, integrated solution for individual 3D furniture configurations.

      Values and Features

  • Graphical order acquisition for the requirements of the wood and furniture industries
  • Highly efficient configuration of individual furniture
  • Automatic generation of countertops and toe kicks
  • Quick and easy creation of order documentation

Designer 3D

Innovative design software for fast, efficient and professional configuration of furniture during sales conversations and negotiations. With Designer 3D you can plan furniture individually and present it to potential customers in a way that is both compelling and aesthetically pleasing.

      Values and Features

  • Easy-to-use interface for more effective sales planning
  • Fast and efficient configurations of individual furniture
  • 3D visualization, high-end renderings, and quotation drawing
  • Seamless quote generation


DesignerWEB’s customizable HTML interface enables simple web-based design and composition of individual furniture, while ensuring each sales channel has the correct application from all-inclusive furniture planning to 3D plug-ins for online shops.

      Values and Features

  • Support of multi-channel sales models
  • Scalable solutions for B2B and B2C
  • Integration possibilities for current online shops
  • Compatible with PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Manufacturing Software Solutions

Manufacturing Software Solutions
Cut Rite

The worldwide leading software for optimizing cutting operations of panel-shaped materials. This powerful, user-friendly program optimizes manufacturing productions for speed or waste, significantly reducing overall cutting costs.

      Values and Features

  • Faster cutting process and material savings due to increased process efficiency
  • Optimized project control thanks to software that is perfectly integrated with the overall process
  • Needs-based extension options as a result of the modular structure
  • A mature algorithm based on more than 35 years of experience


A modular, scalable and flexible software platform, which supports manufacturers in every phase of the production process, from configuring production data and quality control to the final product.

      Values and Features

  • Support for optimization of production processes
  • 100% update-ready and scalable
  • Seamless integration of HOMAG machines in an interlinked production process

MMR Office

An innovativesoftware solution that records production data from connected machinery including workpiece quantities, machine run times, and much more. This data can then be accessed and evaluated to identify and quantify areas for optimization.

      Values and Features

  • Maintenance information provides a usage-based display of the service work required
  • Graphical evaluation of machine status (interval displays, Pareto charts, Gantt charts, and line charts)
  • Accurate analysis of key figures such as day and shift values
  • Central evaluation across multiple machines and interlinked systems

Digital Software Solutions


The world’s first cloud-based digital platform designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of production management within the woodworking industry including plant and machinery operation, predictive maintenance, production optimization and much more, all from the palm of your hand.

      Values and Features

  • intelliDivide: optimized cutting patterns in an instant directly from the tapio cloud
  • Machine Board: remote monitoring and control of machine data and functions in real time

In addition to their comprehensive line of software solutions for every facet of the woodworking industry, Stiles also partners with RSA Solutions, who was recently presented with the 2018 IWF Challengers Award for their Production Coach Software which provides a 360-degree view of the factory, from CAD/CAM importing, through planning, sorting, tracking, automated machine feedback, part alerts, visualization, kitting, shipping and more in real time without the need for physical files.

For more information about how Stiles’ software solutions can help you improve your efficiecncy and productivity, contact Scott Cruickshank, Director of Software Solutions at .