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Efficient processes on the shop floor are essential for success in woodworking manufacturing. Integrating software solutions into your production can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your machines. It is understandable that the first software investment can be intimidating, which is why Stiles Machinery recommends starting with Cut Rite and PRODUCTION Assistant. Together, these two software solutions can provide you with total control over your production and help you achieve success. 

What is Cut Rite?

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Minimize Material Waste & Errors with Cut Rite

Cut Rite is a software designed to optimize cutting operations for panel saws and nested-based routers. Its user-friendly interface helps your team to increase productivity and reduce material waste, ultimately minimizing your cutting and manufacturing costs.

Simplify Your Operations with Cut Rite

Cut Rite is compatible with most engineering, design, and ERP programs. What’s even better is that it allows you to directly download data to most CNC machines, making integration into your production process easy. You no longer have to worry about compatibility issues, Cut Rite is here to simplify your operations and streamline your workflow.

Key Features of Cut Rite Software

  • Reduce Scraps and Off-Cuts: Cut Rite helps save time and money by optimizing cutting patterns to reduce waste and increase efficiency in job processing.

  • Effectively Control Internal Processes: No more paper or hand-drawn cutting plans. Take control of the optimization and nesting process while managing inventory levels and board locations.

  • Have Ultimate Flexibility: Cut Rite is compatible with all common industry solutions. You can easily transfer parts list tables in PTX, CSV, or XLS format with all information at the press of a button.

  • Easy to Use: Create quotations and process orders quickly and easily. The parametric product library allows Cut Rite to detail every order. Also, connect to machines, automatically generate programs, and seamlessly transfer data to satisfy the design requirements of customers.

  • Tailor to Your User Preferences: You can customize Cut Rite reporting options to match your manufacturing needs. The results are clearly presented with key figures readily available. 

What is PRODUCTION Assistant?

Production Assistant ERP Manufacturing Software Production Management

Your Solution for Production Management

Production Assistant is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that takes factory production management to a whole new level. This scalable solution was designed by Web-Cab to be effortlessly integrated into your existing operations, requiring minimal training for your team. The result? A smoother, more efficient workflow that will have you wondering how you ever managed without it.

A Toolbox of Modules to Help Master Your Production Flow

Production Assistant includes a diverse array of modules that cater to various aspects of your production process. From damaged parts management to the optimization of part tracking, production flow, and organization, this software has it all. You will also benefit from 3D visual guides for cabinet assembly and advanced control of delivery loading through technologies like barcodes and RFID microchips. With Production Assistant, you’re not just managing your production; you’re mastering it.

Key Features of PRODUCTION Assistant Software

  • Connect to Your Existing Solutions: You can import your engineering data from your current CAD/CAM engineering software in just one step.

  • Track the Status of Each Station: PRODUCTION Assistant offers a real-time status for each step of production (projects, parts, and products).

  • Generate Product Labels: Keep your products organized and identifiable by taking advantage of product labels.

  • Scan Your Parts’ Barcodes: With PRODUCTION Assistant, you can instantly access part size and material information by scanning each barcode.

  • Create Damaged Parts Alerts: Proactively address issues within your production by creating notifications for harmed parts.

  • Change the Status of Parts: Easily manage your parts throughout the production process.

Get Started with the Cut Rite and PRODUCTION Assistant Bundle Deal from Stiles Machinery

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With the Cut Rite and PRODUCTION Assistant Starter Bundle from Stiles, you can revolutionize your production processes. Say goodbye to inefficiencies, waste, and costly errors. This limited-time special promotion for 2023 is your ticket to a more streamlined, precise, and profitable manufacturing journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock efficiency and savings like never before, with both Cut Rite and PRODUCTION Assistant software solutions.

What is Included in the Cut Rite and PRODUCTION Assistant Bundle?

By purchasing the Cut Rite and PRODUCTION Assistant Starter Bundle, you’ll get an SSLA (Software Service Level Agreement), which guarantees that you stay updated with the latest software updates and support. Additionally, you’ll have access to online training from Stiles University, which will help your team become proficient in the software’s capabilities.

To learn more about the Cut Rite and Production Assistant Bundle, email Alan Huffman, Digital Solutions Product Manager at Stiles Machinery: