be a part of the solution.

We are the industry-leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions in North America.

The support we provide to our customers is a direct result of our dedicated team members and their commitment to success. From the distribution of world-class capital equipment machinery to the support of the nation's largest team of field service technicians, Stiles' employees provide the solutions that equip our customers for success in every area of their business.

So, whether your specialty lies in sales, customer service, technical support, education, maintenance, marketing, administration, operations, or the distribution of consumer goods, you can be a part of the solution.

Who We Are


We are a network of passionate and experienced professionals dedicated to the advancement of manufacturers everywhere.

We are customer-focused and solution-driven. We are thought leaders and risk-takers. We believe that creativity is the beginning of innovation and we strive to be a culture that supports and promotes both.

Stiles history dates back to 1965, when it was founded in Grand Rapids, MI. Since that time, Stiles has helped to lead the manufacturing industry through many changes, challenges and successes within the North American market. In 2014, Stiles partnered HOMAG, a global leader in the manufacturing of wood processing machinery. Learn more about Stiles’ history here.


Our Culture

Our culture starts with our people. With over 450 employees from across the country and the world, Stiles represents a wide range of individuals from different backgrounds, generations, cultures and professional experiences. What unites us is the common desire to impact the world with the work that we do.


Our Expertise

We do more than sell machinery. Together, with our experienced engineers, product specialist, administrative professionals, marketers, field service technicians, customer support representatives and many other talented teams, we spearhead innovative initiatives and problem-solving solutions that are making a significant impact on the industry.


Our Impact

Part of Stiles’ DNA is supporting organizations who are making a difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s repopulating the world’s oldest forests, or raising support for the health and well-being of children and families, Stiles is committed to doing our part to support the success of our industry, community and world.

What We Do


We provide machinery, parts, service, training, consultation and more.

As the leading distributor of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and support services in North America, we partner with world-renowned machinery manufacturers to ensure our customers receive the very best service and solutions to meet their unique and diverse needs.

We understand that success is not a one-step process. That’s why we are committed to helping our customers navigate each step of the way, from introducing important new technologies, to providing leasing services, parts installations, 24-hour technical support and so much more.

We assemble German-engineered machinery in the U.S.

In 2009, Stiles partnered with HOMAG to establish HOMAG Machinery North America. HOMAG North America, located in Grand Rapids, MI, is a 100,000 square-foot operation that utilizes locally sourced products and parts to assemble and distribute HOMAG’s Vantech Series CNC machines right here in the U.S.

Where We Are


We're Local

Stiles has five regional locations, including our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and offices in High Point, North Carolina; Bristol, Pennsylvania; Coppell, Texas; and Rancho Cucamonga, California. We also have sales and service team members that work in their own regions, covering North America from coast to coast.

We are also in the exciting stages of expansion in Mexico, providing machinery, service and support to the growing manufacturing sector.

We're Global

Stiles is an integral part of a vast global network of German-based industry leaders, HOMAG and DURR. HOMAG, our parent company, is a global player, operating international production plants as well as sales and service companies. With around 6,000 employees, HOMAG has a presence in more than 100 countries and an estimated global market share over 30%.

As a part of this network, Stiles employees receive support and opportunities not only here in the United States, but all over the world.

Who We Serve


Stiles serves the industries who invent, design and build the products you use every day.

Our solutions enhance the production and productivity of manufacturers throughout the United States who produce products from wood, plastics, composites, stone and non-ferrous metals. From small and medium sized shops to some of the most prominent names in architecture, aerospace, residential and office furniture, retail, closets and cabinetry, transportation and alternative energy, our solutions are as diverse as the individuals and industries that we serve.

As a part of the Stiles team, you become a part of the success of hundreds of companies by providing real-world solutions to the current obstacles facing manufacturers today.


Stiles has decades of experience with the equipment to manufacture furniture for contract, healthcare, educational and government markets.

Commercial | Residential

Closets & Cabinets

With decades of experience in machining wood and other materials, Stiles understands what it takes to create closets and cabinets for commercial and residential uses.

Commercial | Residential


We understand that the retail industry must react and change quickly, and we can deliver the efficiency and precision you need.

Interior Architecture | Plastics Manufacturing | Signs & Graphics | Store Fixtures

Architectural Products

Stiles offers industry-leading machinery and technology for manufacturing wood, plastic and metal commercial and residential architectural products.

Commercial | Residential

Home & Timber Construction

Stiles specializes in the caliber of machining and finishing processes required to reliably manufacture structural framing, windows and doors for the construction industry.

Structural Framing | Windows & Doors


Manufacturing the intricate and complex parts required for aerostructures and aircraft interiors demands absolute precision—and the ability to meet rigorous tolerances every time.

Aircraft Interiors | Aerostructures

Marine & Transit

Manufacturers in the automotive, recreational, mass transit and marine industries count on Stiles to offer the performance and precision needed for the production of intricate components.