WACHTER Packautomatik

WÄCHTER Packautomatik is a family-owned and international operating company that produces packaging solutions for a wide variety of industries and products. They develop and build customized packaging solutions for final packaging. Both, design and manufacturing as well as assembly and automation are implemented in-house by their experts.

From the feeding and grouping of your products to the shaping, filling and closing of the box and to the palletizing.  WÄCHTER Packautomatik packaging machines and components can be combined in a variety of ways.


In response to market demands, WÄCHTER Packautomatik has expanded and optimized their end-of-line packaging solutions. These include for example the application of underlayment pads on profiled planks or tiles, the introduction of plastic clips in planks as well as packaging of single products with product protection included.


Product Type


WACHTER Packautomatik – Underlayment Pad Applicator
Application of Insulating Material on Floorboards The underlayment pad application systems apply sound-deadening material to floorboards....
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WACHTER Packautomatik – Clip Insertion
Insertion of Plastic Clips into Floorboards The clip insertion shoots plastic clips in the head-side...
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WACHTER Packautomatik – Palletizer
Gantry Style & Robot Palletizing The palletizers are designed in two variants: gantry style and...
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WACHTER Packautomatik – Packer
Trays and Wrap-Around Packaging The WÄCHTER Packautomatik Packer prefolds the carton blanks very precisely, filling and...
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