Surface finishing technology solutions

Schiele, a family-owned company, is one of the leading manufacturer of machines for the coating and impregnating of surfaces. Schiele combines intelligent ideas, skill, understanding, and creativity to develop solutions that meets the demands of today’s production finishing environments as well as the problems of tomorrow.

Motivation, technical expertise, innovative products and solutions for surface finishing are what makes Schiele solutions stand out – and help you deliver the perfect product.


Product Type


Schiele Impregmat
The Schiele Impregmat® polishing system is a proven, patented concept for high-efficiency and loss-free impregnating,...
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Schiele VACUMAT® SpecialCoat
The Schiele VACUMAT SpecialCoat® coats system modified for specific products or coatings and unlimited fields...
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Schiele VACUMAT® UV Dryer
The Schiele VACUMAT® UV Dryer quick-dries UV lacquer securely and effectively regardless of the work...
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Schiele VACUMAT® ProfileCoat
The VACUMAT ProfileCoat sets new standards for profile coating in economy, precision and flexibility -...
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Schiele VACUMAT® MiniFase
The Schiele VACUMAT MiniFase® allows for quick and precise application of water soluble coatings on...
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Schiele VACUMAT® LaminateCoat
The Schiele VACUMAT LaminateCoat® offers optimum precision and reliability for water-repellent finishing of laminate edges....
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Schiele TransferDisk
Simple and efficient coating of flooring element chamfers are possible with the Schiele TransferDisc. In...
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