Finishing excellence

Makor focuses on finishing, and has done so for over 40 years. This singular dedication has generated a series of finishing machinery that is known throughout the world for high quality on products that require high precision at multiple steps.

Headquartered in Sinalunga, Italy, Makor is a well-respected provider and partner with companies in more than 50 countries. The Makor Group, which also includes TECNOLEGNO and COMAR, achieves 90% of its sales abroad, thanks to a philosophy that emphasizes quality, research, innovation, customer dialogue, and environmental respect. Makor machines will help you achieve your high quality standards while reducing processing times and cutting costs.

Stiles is proud to represent Makor’s wide range of technologically advanced finishing systems, from single machines to complete production lines.


Product Type


Sanding – LFC
This machine was created for the honing and calendaring of linear profiles and furniture parts,...
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Makor Sanding – LF
Machine equipped with fladder wheels designed for sanding raw and painted profiles. The frame is...
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Spraying – IRIDE UV
The linear spraying machine mod. IRIDE 204 and 206 UV have been realized to spray...
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Drying System – MULTIDRY
The vertical oven Multidry, with belts, is very flexible. It can handle different types of...
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Makor Gesso Application – TF/P
Machine designed for the in-line coating of varnish and chalk products on building profiles by...
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Vacuum Coating – STORM
This machine is designed to apply water based and UV acrylic paint products on furniture...
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Makor Profile Series – Shaping – SAG 80
Automatic machine designed to shape silicone wheels and abrasive disks. The profile data input is...
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Makor Sanding – LPC
The transportation of up to 9 inches long profiles is made possible by the use...
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Makor Sanding – LP
This Automatic Sanding Machine LP is particularly suitable to sand different types of mouldings, both...
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Makor Edge Series – Finishing – Gemini
Automatic, single sided machine for inline sanding, buffing, cleaning, varnishing, drying and curing operations of...
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Makor Material Handling – ROLLY
This conveyor has a belt in PVC to run the panels among different working stations....
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Makor Drying System – ULTRA DRY
The UV drying oven Ultra Dry allows polymerization of photo-sensitive UV paints applied on panels...
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Makor Drying System – MULTILEVEL
MULTILEVEL is an in-line flash-off oven, perfect for finishing line with floor space constraints where...
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Makor Drying System – FASTDRY
FASTDRY tunnel ovens are designed for in-line drying and curing of water-based of solvent coatings...
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Makor Spray Machines – KRONOS
KRONOS is Makor's "flagship" wide belt spraying machine, loaded with a full complement of operating...
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Makor Spray Machines – K-TWO
The automatic sprayer K-TWO has been designed with integrated control panel and exhaust fans within...
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Makor Spray Machines – K-ONE
K-ONE is a single arm oscillating spray machine utilizing 4 automatic spray guns. It is...
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Makor Spray Machines – Q-ONE
Q-ONE is a single arm oscillating spray machine utilizing 4 automatic spray guns. It is...
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Makor Spray Machines – START-ONE
One of a kind, patent pending design for consistent, high quality coating applications. Stiles spray...
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