From pioneer to leader in veneer processing

For more than 70 years, master woodworkers have trusted Kuper veneering machines to get the job done. Stiles is honored to be the exclusive provider of these German-crafted, innovative, and cost-effective machines.

Kuper has the perfect machine for any application, from veneer clipping and splicing to trimming, and is the only manufacturer to offer a full range of advanced veneer jointing solutions.

Kuper’s Zig-Zag splicing machines feature the globally patented Kuper Zig-Zag glue-thread system, which uses a variety of threads – coated glass fiber, polyamide, and polyester – to give you the best option for your specific application.

Kuper’s longitudinal and crossfeed splicing machines provide production options and ensure that splices are almost invisible. With the entire Kuper line available through Stiles, you can create a complete veneer process from start to finish, from initial clipping to gluing and fanning, to stacking and shrink-film wrapping.



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Kuper QFS Series Cross Clipper
The KUPER QFS is an ideal solution for veneer production of any size. The QFS...
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Kuper ZFS Series Double-Knife Veneer Cutter
The Kuper ZFS double knife Guillotine is the perfect choice for those who require maximum...
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Kuper EFS Series Guillotines
Kuper's EFS veneer guillotine is a single-knife veneer cutter that cuts precisely to ensure tightly...
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Kuper FFM Series – Veneer Fanning
The FFM Veneer Fanning Machine offers a solution to the often time-consuming manual veneer fanning....
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Kuper KLM 470 – Glue Application System
The KLM 470 Glue Application System applies a precise quantity of glue to both edges...
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Kuper CRC Series CrossRunner Crossfeed Splicer
For more than 70 years, demanding woodworkers have insisted on Kuper veneering machines. Stiles is...
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Kuper ACR Series Crossfeed Veneer Splicer
The NEW KUPER ACR 3200 combines traditional and modern workmanship in technology and design. The...
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Kuper FL/Innovation Series Longitudinal Splicer
The Kuper FLI series is the perfect machine to make your veneer splicing process easier...
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Kuper FW Veneer Splicer
Kuper's FW Series veneer splicers join veneer strips to make faces for decorative and constructional...
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Kuper EVB Series Veneer Trimmer
This is a double-sided, centerline fed machine for the reinforcement and end grain binding of...
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