Value without compromise.

The Kentwood line provides solid wood operators with high performance wood working tools at an affordable price without compromising on features and quality.


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Kentwood Moulders – M300 Series
Planing and Moulding The M300 series is the first step into quality 4-sided moulding manufacturing....
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Kentwood Moulders – M100 Series
The KENTWOOD M100 series offers a combination of unique features, quality, and affordability. The M100...
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Kentwood Moulders – M500 Series
The KENTWOOD M500 series is designed for top-level 4-sided moulding manufacturing. Built heavy and strong...
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Kentwood Planers
KENTWOOD Planers offer superior performance for both primary and secondary usage applications. Ideal for wood...
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Kentwood Material Handling Solutions
From board sensing to AI defect scanning, the Kentwood Advantage Rip Series offers new age...
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Kentwood Multi Rip Saws
The Kentwood MRS multi-blade rip saw series is your solution for fast, precise straight line...
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Kentwood Ripsaws
Kentwood ripsaws are available in fixed and moving blade solutions. Expanding arbor options allow for...
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Kentwood Moulders – M1000 Series
The highest levels of safety are on board with the Kentwood 1000 series moulder, including...
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Kentwood HBR Series – Horizontal Band Saws
The HBR-300 is designed with accuracy, capacity, and efficiency in mind. All combined, offering the...
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Kentwood Moulders – M2000 Series
Designed with the operator's convenience in mind, the KENTWOOD M2000 series moulder is the flagship...
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Kentwood Moulders – M600 Series
For higher capacity demands, the KENTWOOD M-600 provides the right tool for the job. Standard...
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Kentwood Moulders – M200 Series
The Kentwood M200 series is the latest evolution of the best in class moulder solution....
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