Kallesoe, part of the HOMAG Group’s Solid Wood Processing business unit, is a global leader in providing tailored press solutions to the solid wood industry, boasting over 50 years of expertise and a footprint of more than 300 operational lines worldwide. Kallesoe’s commitment to innovation and reliability is reflected in cutting-edge solutions, incorporating the latest RF technology and seamless integration. 


Advantages of Kallesoe System Solutions: 

  • Precision Tailoring: Kallesoe’s solutions are crafted to align perfectly with production requirements, investment, and capacity levels. 
  • Advanced Planning: With the press as the center of the entire solution, Kallesoe plans and composes the production line that is optimum for you. 
  • Superior Quality: Leveraging the latest RF technological advancements, the press solutions from Kallesoe guarantee final products of exceptional quality, surpassing industry standards. 


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Kallesoe Glulam Press Line
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