Solutions that enhance materials handling and assembly

Gottschild GmbH is the technical leader in automated systems for the final processing of furniture components worldwide. Gottschild systems are installed around the world for leading furniture manufacturers throughout the world.


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HBS 2500 – Polishing & Sanding Machine
The Gottschild polishing and sanding machine HBS 2500 is the optimal fully automatic finishing machine...
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CS 2001 – Trimming Machine
The Gottschild CS 2001 is a trimming machine for foil laminated, 3-D furniture components. The...
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CBS 3800 – Trimming & Buffing Machine
The Gottschild CBS 3800 is a combined trimming and buffing machine for foil laminated, 3-D...
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BSD 2000 – Buffing & Cleaning System
The Gottschild BSD 2000 is a buffing and cleaning system for foil coated, 3-D furniture...
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