Helping Customers Reach the Next Level | Advanced Machinery Systems and Stiles Machinery Partnership

Who is Advanced Machinery Systems?

Established in 1989, Advanced Machinery Systems in Kaysville, Utah is a Stiles Machinery dealer, helping to provide solutions to wood shops both large and small, by first understanding their needs and goals. Advanced Machinery Systems serves customers in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Northern Arizona, and Western Colorado.

Full Solutions for Continued Success

“When we’re looking for partners in this segment of our business, we love the fact that HOMAG and Stiles have the full solution. They don’t just sell one machine, they look at it and have factories that make many machines so that we can bring a full solution to our customers,” said Coby Johnson, President of Advanced Machinery Systems.

Johnson indicated that at Advanced Machinery Systems, they are in it for the long haul with their customers. They know the importance of keeping their customers on schedule and prioritize servicing machines in a timely, efficient manner so every party has continued success.

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