Routine & Preventive Maintenance 

Prevent parts and service emergencies with a Stiles Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program (PMI)

We can help you avoid service calls through the Stiles Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program, an investment that can minimize repair costs and keep your production running smoothly. Stiles specialists can troubleshoot and solve potential problems before they happen. We will inspect your equipment and perform regular maintenance regardless of the manufacturer.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection

Our Stiles resource center monitors service cycles based on how much your equipment is being utilized. We will contact you when required maintenance is due as suggested by the machinery manufacturer.

Maintenance Visits

  • Each on-site visit duration ranges between 8 -16 hours depending on the make and model.
  • Visits apply during normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Our Field Service Representative will check the entire mechanics, pneumatics and electronics of your machine using the manufacturer's checklist and specifications.
  • Your machine will be carefully tested for early detection of possible failures resulting from wear, material fatigue or incorrect settings.
  • Included are any routine adjustments and minor repairs that may be required.

Inspection Services

Our inspection services include:

  • Functional checks based upon manufacturer’s checklist
  • Corrective adjustments
  • Test for wear
  • Recommendations for exchange of wear parts or repairs

When the inspection is completed, you will receive a written report of basic settings, wear status, functional and safety characteristics. This report may also include recommendations for replacement parts and additional service work.

You profit by:

  • Early detection of malfunctions due to wear
  • Reliable functional sequences
  • Reduced downtime
  • Maximized machine performance for increased output
  • Receiving a list of parts that should be ordered and replaced on the machine that are soon to fail or currently causing quality issues
  • Avoiding emergency calls and unnecessary shipping costs