Off-Site Construction

Solutions for Innovative Builders

Construction is evolving. Automation, robotics and advanced technology are raising the level of productivity, efficiency and precision for builders in North America.

With industry-leading machinery solutions and expertise in construction and building fields ranging from off-site construction to cross-laminated timber (CLT), and structural insulated panel processing (SIPS), Stiles team of experts can help you discover the right solution to meet your specific building automation needs and exceed your expectations.

How Are You Innovating?

Panelized Construction

Demand for additional housing is increasing across North America, while availability of skill labor is decreasing rapidly. Our solutions bring traditional on-site construction methods into the modern age, with automated solutions that increase precision and help you control quality and costs, with less waste and better yield.

Industrialized Construction

Affordable housing, hotels, and office space is more in demand than ever before, with a need for higher-quality materials and more upscale products. Innovations in automation technology and machinery allow for modular home builders and modular box builders to drive the industry forward with increased productivity at an affordable cost.

Manufactured Home Construction

The oldest of the Off-Site Construction group, they have improved in both look and quality from where they started. Modern Manufactured Homes are fully equipped with all the amenities of a traditional stick-built home. The process flow of our equipment solutions bring this area of Off-Site Construction to the next level.

Product Type



Weinmann BUILDTEQ, Manual Assembly Tables
Assembly tables enable you to easily manufacture timber frame construction elements with a high degree...
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Weinmann MOVETEQ, Transport and Buffer Tables
Weinmann's line of MOVETEQ tables are the backbone of the panel production lines. Available in...
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Weinmann FRAMETEQ, Framing Stations “Extruders”
The FRAMETEQs from Weinmann are unmatched in their speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Automated stud positioning,...
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Weinmann WALLETQ, Multifunction Bridges
The WALLEQ bridges by Weinmann define what a multifunction bridge should be. The combination of...
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Weinmann BEAMTEQ, Beam Processing Saws
From fast cutting to complex beam processing the carpentry machines are equipped to tackle a...
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