Stiles Machinery | High Point, NC

The Manufacturing Solutions Seminar is a semi-annual event held by Stiles Machinery at our High Point, NC facility. Throughout live machinery demonstrations and presentations from industry educators and experts, the event showcases solutions to current challenges facing the manufacturing industry and highlights the latest advancements in industrial machinery, software, and streamlining processes. Stay tuned for event dates and registration information for the Fall Manufacturing Solutions Seminar. Join us in one of our five regional locations or at customer locations for Solution Workshops throughout the year.

What to Expect at the Manufacturing Solutions Seminar

If you're unsure of what to expect, we've got you covered—watch this video for a sneak peek of what the event is all about.

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MSS Nov 2022 Wed Icons
MSS Nov 2022 Thurs Icons

Learn. Innovate. Grow.

Experience real-time production solutions through live work-cell demonstrations and see first-hand the power of automation and software as they continue to drive our industry forward. Discover the power of knowledge in manufacturing!

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