Stiles Northeast Region

Stiles Machinery is proud to have a home here in the Northeast. Our Bristol, PA facility offers the training, consultation, and service and support needed to move our customer's business forward.

A Focus on Education

The newest Stiles University Learning Lab is being set up right here in Bristol, PA, closer than ever before to manufacturers in the Northeastern United States.

Complete with a 12-seat advanced computer lab with the latest technology and software for training on programming and design, as well as fully powered machines for hands-on technical and machine operation training, the all-new Stiles University Northeast Learning Lab is a state-of-the-art destination for providing your employees with the education they need to succeed. All Stiles University trainers are certified and dedicated 100% full-time to training your workforce.


Trusted Service,
Closer to You

Stiles Machinery has the highest number of factory-certified technicians in the industry.

With service and support available 24/7 across the entire Northeast region, we're able to provide you with reliable solutions to help reduce downtime and keep your production process running smoothly. The support you get extends far beyond one individual expert, to include a team that provides regional and national technical support, able to call on the expertise of our international machinery suppliers.

Consultation and Partnership

Stiles knows and understands the challenges that face many manufacturers on the East Coast.

From limited space to difficulty filling open jobs, there are unique issues that must be overcome every day. With over 50 years of experience supporting customers in the area, Stiles has provided manufacturers with solutions to overcome obstacles of every kind.


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