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Schuler Consulting is the leading provider of company consulting services for the international timber and furniture industry. With eight worldwide locations and a team of more than 30 experienced woodworking engineers, project managers, and business economists, Schuler Consulting sets out to develop tailor-made plans for your company’s sustainable success.

As an independent company of HOMAG Group­—a global leader in the production of industrial woodworking machinery—Schuler Consulting has direct access to the latest innovations and trends in the woodworking industry. Schuler’s range of services is adapted to match your needs, with a special focus on consulting in the following fields: Industry 4.0, Controlling, Continuous Information Flow, Lean Production, Technical Product Standardization, and Strategic Production Development.

Since 1956, Schuler has completed consultancy projects with more than 2,000 customers, allowing their professional consultants to draw on more than 65 years of industry experience. When you work with Schuler, they will obtain a realistic picture of your company’s potential and, from there, draw up new ideas, alternative paths, and specific solutions catered to your plans, products, capacities, and other parameters.


Consulting Services

Industry 4.0

If you have a limited budget at your disposal, you should consider carefully whether you want to tie it up for years and thus reduce your flexibility. Because an integrated Industry 4.0 production that really uses all the advantages requires a comprehensive system analysis of the existing IT landscape. Often, not all systems that are already in use need to be replaced immediately. At the same time, not all systems that are considered future-proof have the necessary capabilities. Therefore, use our knowledge to achieve your goals for the automation and digitalisation of your company.

Production Cost Control

Are your costs under control? Discover the transparent analysis for your production costs. Without creative business strategies, flexible business concepts, lean processes, optimal information flows and efficiently used machines, you will fall behind in the dynamics. But we know how you can prevent that.

Productivity Increase

Do you want to secure a long-term lead over the competition? With the strategic planning of your production, we decide together: Do you need a new building, or can we optimize your existing production for the future? We support you in this decision as an experienced partner. Through optimal production planning, we reconcile increasing customer orientation, order-related production in quantity 1 and optimal economic efficiency. Because one thing is clear: even with a high number of variants, competitive costs are expected through low inventories, short throughput times and optimal use of resources.

Production Visualisation

Whether production data, material flows or machine statuses - with our services of production visualization, we bring light into the dark and transparency into your production! Here, we present various modules that enable us to make the optimization potential of your production visible. Digitally capture your value stream with smartphone technology!


Uncovering Your Potential

We want to shape the future of your company together with you, put you in the perfect position, and lead you towards success. Because only those that recognize opportunities, define the right measures and consistently implement them, will be rewarded. Check what already exists, challenge what seems to be proven and try to explore new avenues. This is how the future is shaped today. Make use of our expertise, our creativity and our practical experience. 

Off-site Construction

Industrialized construction is evolving. Automation, robotics and advanced technology are raising the level of productivity, efficiency and precision for builders in North America.

Mass Timber

Stiles Machinery is at the forefront of providing technology and machining for producing high quality mass timber. Automated solutions for your mass timber production can increase your manufacturing quality and productivity.

Project Management

Project management services from Stiles make it easy to streamline your entire project - from concept and consultation to integration and implementation.


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