Project Management

At Stiles Machinery, we strive to be your trusted partner throughout the lifecycle of your individualized project. With extensive expertise in manufacturing machinery combined with our flexible approach to project management, we deliver tailored solutions that optimize workflow, enhance collaboration, and ultimately maximize the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing processes.

Project management solutions offered by Stiles Machinery optimize the entirety of your project, from the initial concept and consultation to seamless integration and implementation. Stiles’ dedicated project managers streamline communication, promptly address inquiries, and tackle challenges head-on, ensuring smooth workflow and uninterrupted project advancement. As project partners are focused on the essential tasks, your project maintains momentum and achieves timely completion.

Schuler Consulting

Do you want to produce more efficiently? Processes and flows are key. We optimize these together with you, re-organize them and make sure that you reduce your lead time and save costs. This enables you to implement customized manufacturing and achieve your business goals.

Off-site Construction

Industrialized construction is evolving. Automation, robotics and advanced technology are raising the level of productivity, efficiency and precision for builders in North America.

Mass Timber

Stiles Machinery is at the forefront of providing technology and machining for producing high quality mass timber. Automated solutions for your mass timber production can increase your manufacturing quality and productivity.


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